An Economic Crisis

National Debt is rising unchecked


  and growing


Congress refuses to restrain itself

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Hear from the Experts

Congressional Candidates and Incumbents Pledge to Co-Sponsor the House Concurrent Resolution (HCR 24) which States:

“As provided in Article V of the Constitution of the United States, and except as provided in paragraph (2), Congress hereby calls a Convention for proposing amendments to the Constitution of the United States for a date and place to be determined on calling the Convention.

“Paragraph (1) does not apply if, prior to the expiration of the 60-day period which begins on the date of the adoption of this concurrent resolution— (A) the House Clerk provides a written report stating there have never been unrescinded and ‘‘continuing’’ applications for a Convention to propose amendments from at least two-thirds (34) of the States on any national issues (plenary) plus the single issue of fiscal responsibility; and (B) the House Clerk includes in the report detailed findings for each State.

“Each proposed amendment at the Convention for proposing amendments called under this section shall be ratified by a vote of We the People in three-quarters (38) of the States via State Convention delegates who shall ‘‘have no ground for reversing the vote of millions of its citizens’’ (Chiafalo v. Washington).”

All Sides Agree: A Fiscal Responsibility Amendment is a
A Nonpartisan Issue