Dozens of Officials Pledge to “Stop Inflation”

Campaign Launched by Fiscal Responsibility Advocates Connecting Voters to Elected Officials

The Let US Vote for a Balanced Budget Amendment Citizen’s Campaign, Inc., a coalition of nonpartisan advocates concerned about the impacts of inflation and out-of-control national debt announced that nearly two dozen federal legislators and candidates signed a pledge committing to give citizens a vote on a constitutional solution to unsustainable deficit spending. Dozens of state and local officials also signed the pledge to fight for a state-drafted, inflation-fighting Fiscal Responsibility Amendment.

The “Stop Inflation Now” campaign is encouraging citizens concerned about higher prices, slow growth, and its impact on future generations to utilize a QR Code that will put them in direct contact with their elected officials to demand they act to give citizens a voice and a vote.

Organizers of the “Stop Inflation Now” campaign are also asking elected officials and candidates to sign a pledge committing to advocate for fiscal responsibility through the Constitutional process, allowing people a direct vote.

The pledge states: “I Pledge to co-sponsor the inflation fighting Concurrent Resolution which sets the date and place for the Fiscal Responsibility Amendment Proposing Convention and stipulates ratification by a vote of We the People.”

The following legislators and candidates signed on immediately in the initial days of the campaign.

Candidates for U.S. Senate:
Frank Bertone (AZ), Carlos Guillermo Tapia, (CA), and Andy Martin (NH).

Candidates for U.S. House:
Mike Cargile (CA-35), Dalila Epperson (CA-19), Ferenc Pataki (CA-15), David Rudnick (CA-27), Steve Wozniak (CA-5), Ryan McGonigal (CA-5), Steven Chess (FL-22), Patricia Gonzalez (FL-24), Joe Hannoush (FL-6), Timothy Barr (GA-10), Byron Gatewood (GA-6), Jimmy Ausbrooks (KY-1), Derek Petteys (KY-6), Jonathan Jenkins (MD-6), Max Beckwith (NC-7), David Coatney (NC-11), Jeffrey Gregory (NC-100, Jane Adams (NV-1), Amy Rippel-Elton (OH-12), Jonah Schulz (OH-7), Steve Laible (OR-04), Robert Lancia (RI-2), Bob Hendry (TN-8), Thomas Spears (WA-1).

Incumbent Members of Congress who previously signed the pledge to support the people’s right to vote on a Fiscal Responsibility Amendment include:
U.S. Senators Marsha Blackburn (TN), Kevin Cramer (ND), Ted Cruz (TX) and Tommy Tuberville (AL).
U.S. Representatives Yvette Herrell (NM-2), Nancy Mace (SC-1), Alex Mooney (WV-2) and Dan Meuser (PA-9).

The list is expected to grow as the campaign gains momentum and politicians are forced to address inflation and stalling economy.

“If Congress had called for a Fiscal Responsibility Amendment Convention in 1979, America could have saved $29 trillion in debt, prevented the 70% decline of dollar, and kept inflation under control,” explained David Biddulph, Co-Founder of the Let US Vote for a Balanced Budget Amendment Citizen’s Campaign. “On behalf of our granddaughters and future generations, we are proud to connect concerned citizens with their elected leaders to demand leaders address this problem without delay.”

“Any solution to the economic crisis, extreme taxation, and run-away spending will require a vote of the people. A Fiscal Responsibility Amendment would allow the people to vote on the solution and choose a brighter future for generations to come,” Biddulph continued. “Congress has ignored its responsibility for too long. It is time to let the people vote. We are encouraged that so many candidates are signing up and taking the pledge to Stop Inflation Now.”


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