Why Biden Can’t Use the 14th Amendment to Raise the Debt Ceiling

There’s been talk on “the Hill” about using the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling.

In an essay recently published in “The Epoch Times, recognized Constitutional expert, Rob Natelson, explains the 14th Amendment, noting that it does not grant the President the power to spend money.  Mr. Natelson believes, “Eventually, Americans will get fed up with the delay and force their state lawmakers to call a convention. Let’s hope it will not be too late”.

Not Raising the Debt Limit Just Means Balancing the Budget

The debt limit is a law restricting how much the federal government may borrow. The current law says $34.4 trillion. If Congress refuses to change the law, it will remain at $34.4 trillion. Borrowing more than that is illegal. So the government will have to pay its debt obligations out of current revenue.

Could the federal government do that? Sure.

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