David Biddulph,


David Biddulph is a co-founder of the Let U.S. Vote for a Fiscal Responsibility Amendment Campaign. He is a semi-retired entrepreneur and citizen activist who has been a leader since 1992 in empowering citizens to vote for state and national constitutional amendments.

In the late 1980’s, David’s mother-in-law was on a fixed income of $15,000 when her property taxes went from $800 to $4,800 in 6 years. The beach house was bought jointly in 1957 for $95,000 with the dream that when the in-laws were finished with the house, he and his wife, Susie, could live in their “dream” house indefinitely. That would not have been financially possible unless the Florida Constitution was amended by a vote of the people.

David volunteered to lead the state petition drive that required collecting 450,000 citizen’s petitions to place the “Save Our Homes” amendment on the ballot. Florida voters approved the Florida Constitutional Amendment in 1992 by 54%. “Save our Homes” caps homestead taxable value assessment increases at the lesser of inflation or 3%. It has saved Florida homeowners over $60 billion to date and has ended double-digit property tax increases from taxing residents, including the Biddulphs, out of their homes.

In 1993, he formed the Tax Cap Committee which was successful in collecting millions of petition signatures, empowering Florida voters to add two more amendments to the Florida Constitution: 1. An exemption to the “Single Subject Rule” which enabled the citizens to vote on revenue limitation measures (Voters approved by 58% in 1994) and 2. A two-thirds vote of the people for a new tax or fee. (Voters approved by 69% in 1996) As a result no tax has been proposed for the Florida Constitution such as a tax on tobacco consumers or on personal income.

In 1999, David started a for-profit company, OnlineDemocracy.com, Inc., with the objective of using the internet to empower U.S. Citizens to engage in civic discourse with their elected representatives. The web site was launched on April 1, 2000 and featured a national voter registration application that was approved by the Federal Elections Commission and 47 Secretaries of State. Over 100,000 citizens used the free service to register to vote in minutes from their home or office. The web site closed due to the dot-com bust after the election in November of 2000.

In 2001, out of frustration that the U.S. Supreme Court would decide who won the Presidential election, he invented the “Perfect Voting System.” It worked very much like Power Ball where there has never been a question about who won or lost. A “demonstration” system was developed and presented to Secretaries of State. The project was abandoned when the patent application was denied.

In 2008, David was reading Article V of the U.S. Constitution and found that the citizens could vote on a proposed U.S. constitutional amendment once two-thirds (34) of the states had passed Article V Applications. In 2010, he and his wife became aware that the mounting national debt was a direct threat to their grandchildren’s chances of living the American Dream, as they have done. Accordingly, they and a group of co-founders, formed the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force and Foundation. The goal was to pass the necessary 34 Article V Applications, limited to the single subject of balancing the federal budget. With mostly volunteers and little outside financial support, the BBA Task Force passed Balanced Budget Amendment Applications in 16 states by the spring of 2018.

In April of 2018, it was discovered that Congress had never “counted” Article V Applications as required by the Constitution. Some Congressmen were actively blocking state legislatures from voting on the Applications. David and his wife decided to resign from the BBA Task Force and Foundation to start a new campaign called the “Let Us Vote for a Balanced Budget Amendment Campaign.” The goal of this campaign was to inform U.S. Citizens of their constitutional right to help draft and ratify a U.S. Balanced Budget Amendment without Congress. As annually balanced budgets have become unrealistic given the current scope of the national debt, the campaign was renamed the Let U.S. Vote for a Fiscal Responsibility Amendment Citizens’ Campaign in 2022.

David received his MBA from the University of Michigan in 1968 and spent 10 years at the National Bank of Detroit in banking systems and pension investment, achieving the designation of Certified Financial Analyst (CFA). On a “coin flip” he and his wife Susie, of 53 years, moved from Michigan with their daughter, Carrie, to Florida in 1978. They opened a solar company. After 6 years of triple digit growth, they decided to sell the business to their employees and in 1984, opened Market Force Corporation (MFC) to compile data on new businesses from public records. Today a management team runs MFC with 30+ year relations with clients like: D & B, American Express, Verizon, Experian, etc.

It is David and Susie Biddulph’s mission to pass on the American Dream via a voter-approved U.S. Fiscal Responsibility Amendment to their daughter Carrie, their son-in-law, Tim and most importantly, to their two grandchildren, Hanna and Haley.