Thomas Llewellyn,

Michigan Chairman

For several years, Tom Llewellyn has focused on getting Article V Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) resolutions passed in states across the country. Tom was the leading citizen advocate in Michigan when Senator Mike Green and Rep. Ray Franz passed the BBA resolution in 2014.

The state-driven BBA resolutions call for an Article V Convention to propose a long overdue Federal Balanced Budget Amendment. In 2015 and 2016, Tom travelled extensively, working with state legislatures to educate leadership on this critical issue. Today, Tom continues to work with regional legislative leaders to promote federal fiscal responsibility and the American People’s right to ratify a Balanced Budget Amendment.

A graduate from Northwood University in Business Administration, Tom was successful in computer sales for many years. In addition to his prolific writing, Tom has testified before several state committees and spoken to many groups on the need for an Article V Amendment Convention to propose a Balanced Budget Amendment. Tom lives in Milford, MI with his wife, Deborah, and both are very active in politics and their church.