Congress, will you

“Let Us Vote for a Balanced Budget Amendment?”

It’s not about Left vs. Right, it’s about 83% of Democrats, Republicans and Independents who want to vote for a state-drafted Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA.)

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has found that, if nothing changes, the interest alone on our national debt will grow to 50% of all US taxes within a generation, and 100% of taxes within 2 generations.

“The most significant threat to our national security is our debt,”

– Admiral Mike Mullen (George W. Bush’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff)

“Mandatory Spending is…Unsustainable.”

– Paul Ryan, Former Speaker of the US House of Representatives

“We Face The Most Predictable Economic Crisis In History”

– Erskine Bowles (Co-Chairman of Barack Obama’s Budget Deficit Commission & Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff)

“We are driving ourselves into bankruptcy. We’ve got to do something!”

– Harry Reid, Former US Senate Majority Leader.

Join and Sponsor or Co-Sponsor a Let Us Vote for a BBA Resolution that:

  1. Calls the BBA Convention of States
  2. Lets the people vote for ratification via state conventions
  3. Prohibits ratification of any amendment unrelated to balancing the budget

83% of Your Constituents Want to Vote for a BBA

We’re looking for leaders like you to empower the states to draft and the people to ratify a BBA.

No matter their political affiliation, voters are concerned about saving Social Security, preserving national security and passing on the American Dream.

We need sponsors and co-sponsors for the Let Us Vote for a BBA Resolution that, if passed soon, could result in 200,000,000 U.S. Citizens voting to ratify a BBA.

Members of Congress:

Do you Support the peoples’ right to vote on a state-drafted BBA?

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The Constitutional Debt Solution

The Let Us Vote for a BBA resolution commits Congress to the calling of an Article V convention of states, limited to the proposal of a BBA to the U.S. Constitution, and would require Congress to send any duly-proposed BBA to the states for ratification by the American people through state conventions.

If the federal government were constitutionally required to slow the growth of spending, family income could quadruple in 75 years, and the national debt could be paid off – all without new taxes or an actual “cut” in spending.

America Has Spoken: Will You Listen?

83% of Americans Want to Vote for a BBA