Boise Town Hall Meeting

Please join former Utah Representative Ken Ivory and members of the Vote “Americans’ Prosperity First” Campaign for a Town Hall forum on the national debt crisis and the Article V solution.

Meeting Details 

Tuesday, November 16, 2021, from 6:00-8:00 PM
Idaho State Capitol Building
Room WW-53, 700 W. Jefferson St.
Boise, ID 83702 

Live stream access:


  • A Crisis for the Nation 

With rapidly expanding federal deficits and a nearly $29 trillion national debt, presenters will address the risks of a federal fiscal meltdown to the national economy, security, culture, and America’s superpower status. 

  • A Crisis for Idaho 

The impact of the debt crisis on Idaho will also be examined. From unfunded federal mandates to the fallout from failed government programs, we’ll trace how the consequences of reckless spending in Washington will flow downhill to the states. 

  • Policies that Threaten American Solvency and Freedoms 

In the meantime, the lack of federal fiscal constraints allows for spending on programs like 30 x 30, which threaten private property rights. 

  • What are the Risks of Doing Nothing? 

Some of the economic consequences of uncontrolled debt are already being observed, others can be predicted with certainty. Discussion will center around the moral obligation to find solutions rather than continue to “kick the can down the road.” 

  • What are the Risks of Acting? 

With a Congress that refuses to restrain itself, the states need to consider their power to rein in reckless federal spending through the Article V constitutional remedy. 

  • A Call to Action 

In order to chart a new course toward federal fiscal responsibility, legislative leaders will need to build consensus, sponsor legislation and support the Article V Call in Idaho.