What is the Balanced Budget Amendment Movement all about?

Constitutionally Avoiding the Fiscal Cliff, Strengthening our National Security and Passing on the American Dream.

Why Economic Sustainability Depends on a Balanced Budget Amendment

Uncontrolled debt threatens national security, entitlement programs and the basic stability of our economy

The Federal Government Needs a Balanced Budget Amendment & Fiscal Rules


In this link, you will find 18 articles and papers from reputable sources on why fiscal rules and a Balanced Budget Amendment are needed to avoid a fiscal cliff for America.

The History of Article V


Discover Article V of the Constitution through 17 articles and scholarly papers. Also includes 6 of The Federalist Papers: essays from the time of the drafting of the Constitution on the importance of Article V.

Dive Deeper!

Books on Article V:

Here you’ll find a list of 18 books that include substantial information on Article V, and why America needs to use it now!

More on Article V

Issues and questions explained! Includes such topics as “Can an Article V convention runaway?” and “May an Article V convention be limited?”

Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) Q&A

Who should have the Power?

Congress? Or the American People?