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Fitch Downgrade. Now what do we do?

The current administration led by Biden is downplaying the recent decision made by Fitch to downgrade the credit rating of the United States. Despite their claims of success in the Bidenomics approach, the prices of groceries and gasoline have not significantly dropped even though inflation has stalled its upward trend. The country’s existing debt problem,…

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Advocates Applaud House Concurrent Resolution Calling for an Article V Inflation-Fighting Fiscal Responsibility Amendment Proposing Convention

July 20, 2022 GMT–News Direct– The Let US Vote for a Balanced Budget Amendment Citizen’s Campaign, Inc., a coalition of nonpartisan advocates concerned about the impacts of inflation and out-of-control national debt applauded the introduction of House Concurrent Resolution 101 calling for an Article V Convention of States to propose Amendments to the United States Constitution and…

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