Is this the path the U.S. is on? Bankruptcy—Gradually, Then Suddenly?

Today, the Cato Institute published an op-ed by Romina Boccia, Director of Budget and Entitlement Policy, entitled Bankruptcy–Gradually, Then Suddenly.

Ms. Boccia believes “U.S. government spending is on a collision course with economic disaster. Legislators need not lift another finger to increase spending any further. The U.S. federal budget is on a Titanic‐​esque voyage that could result in a fatal crash with a massive iceberg of unfunded entitlement obligations. This ship also has no captain. It is racing full steam ahead on autopilot. Failure to grab the helm and change course undermines living standards, technological progress, and the very foundations of liberal democracy. It will take greater constituent or economic pressure to get members of Congress to finally act.”

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You can be that constituent pressure.  Begin to hold your elected congressman/congresswomen accountable through your vote.  Call their office or send an email with a request to support HCR24.