Let’s Come Together to Celebrate 4th of July.

The 4th of July commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  This country has been through a lot since that fateful day – Civil War, World Wars, 9-11, etc.   And, over the years, we found a way to come together despite our differences.  But right now, we’ve “lost that loving feeling” as penned by the Righteous Brothers.

Dr. Barry Poulson offers us “Modest Proposals for Restoring National Unity” in his Op-Ed published by the Heartland Insitute.

“This Independence Day, my neighbors and I will celebrate the nation’s founding by flying the national and state flags. In our retirement community, Democrats and Republicans alike share in this display of national unity. But symbols of national unity seem to be disappearing, and I propose some modest changes to help restore national unity.

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