Time to wake up and smell the debt

Ian Haworth in his Op-Ed published by “The Washington Examiner” on July 3, 2023 says that “one area should be sparking terror among the populace: debt.”

Notable comments in his Op-Ed follow:

“And why, as we stare down the barrel of passing the highest level of debt recorded in American history at 106% of GDP in the aftermath of World War II, are we doing nothing about it?

Well, there are two key reasons.

In the House of Representatives and the Senate, over 54% of its current members will be 90 years old, or older, by 2053. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden will be 111, and former President (and current presidential candidate) Donald Trump will be 107. It seems callous to say, but the brutal reality is that the vast majority of our current Congress won’t be alive to see the rotten fruits of their labor.

And because they won’t have to face the long-term consequences of their actions, why would they choose to face short-term political suicide by acknowledging that they are blindly steering the entire country off a cliff?”

Mr. Haworth believes “We’re totally screwed.”

Read Mr. Haworth’s entire Op-Ed

Not so fast.  There is a viable path to correct the spending madness and to secure the financial well-being of generations to come.   What is it?  The Swiss Debt Brake, a constitutionally mandated set of financial parameters voted on by the Swiss people to control government spending.  The “Debt Brake” has been successfully implemented by the State of Colorado (read here) and the citizens are reaping the positive benefits.  What do you think?  Is it time to give the U.S. a “Brake?”