Category: Inflation and the National Debt

Swiss Debt Brake – What is it? Will it work for the U.S.?

There was a recent political cartoon depicting an elephant and a donkey kicking the proverbial can down the road.  It seems that every debt ceiling debate results in more national debt, not less.  Isn’t it time to take a stand and do something about the debt to save the country and the future of the…

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The Misery Index – Is the U.S. a Happy Nation?

The original Misery Index was created by economist Arthur Okun, a member of President Lyndon Johnson’s Council of Economic Advisors. The Index was a way to help President Johnson understand how the country was doing by tracking the impact of unemployment and inflation on the population.  It was later modified by Robert Barro of Harvard…

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Newsweek: The Greatest National Security Threat No One Is Talking About

On September 1, 2022, distinguished co-authors Admiral Bill Owens, Former Comptroller General of the United States David M. Walker, and Dr. Barry Poulson shared their concerns about the effects of high and rising debt.  “Mounting debt burdens are having an impact on our national security,” they said. “Larger deficits have caused investors to demand ever-higher…

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