Does Congress need an Intervention?

According to the Webster online dictionary, “intervention” refers to a situation where a group of family or friends confront an individual with an addiction or behavioral problem to encourage them to address the issue. In this case, the issue at hand is Congress’s out-of-control deficit spending.

With few exceptions, our elected officials aren’t being good stewards of our tax dollars.

An op-ed written by John Mason, of Seeking Alpha, provides a history of the government’s deficit spending addiction.    

Mr. Mason writes, “Debt is something that can seem very useful when not much of it is being used, but almost becomes an addiction as people use it more and more.”

Click here to read the entire op-ed.  

 After reading Mr. Mason’s commentary you agree that something needs to be done to “cure” Congress’s deficit spending addiction, contact your congressman/congresswoman.  Ask your representative to co-sponsor HRC24 which will Call an Article V Convention for proposing a Fiscal Responsibility Amendment to the United States Constitution and stipulating ratification by a vote of We the People, and for other purposes.